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At Comber Grove Primary School, everyone’s voice matters…especially the children. We regularly ask the children about what they love about the school and how they think it could be improved. Click the link below to fill out our latest pupil survey:

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Quotes from our most recent Pupil Survey

What do you love about Comber Grove?

How the teachers are fair

I love that I am safe and the teachers are amazing. I have so much more can’t explain!

That the teachers are always positive.

What I love is ICT and the art lessons

That the teachers always help you and listen to your ideas.

That everyone is a good friend and you can trust people

The teachers dress up and participate on World Book Day, Red Nose Day and Pajama Day.

I love Comber Grove because I feel safe in it

I love coming here. I love listening to stories. Dressing up is the best.