Small School, Big Heart

At Comber Grove we deliver a Global Citizenship Curriculum. This is entrenched in social justice, equality, diversity and inclusion and sustainability. We weave this with our school values of:

Community, Pride, Empathy, Happiness, Individuality, Creativity

These values are for all: children, parents/carers, staff team and governors.

These were chosen by our school community during the pandemic, a perfect time to reshape and refocus what matters.

We asked:

“What do you think makes Comber Grove special?”

“What values are most important to nurture in children?”

“What values should the staff team demonstrate every day?”

From all the wonderful ideas we had, we narrowed it down to 12 values and the school community voted for their favourites, resulting in the six above! We believe these values are the pillars to success, not just in learning but in becoming well-rounded citizens who care about the world.

We have Pupil Leaders of each value, who represent the pupil voice for each value. They champion and monitor the values, bringing ideas to leadership meetings with the Senior Leadership Team (and are also pretty good at holding to account!).

Check out our Comber Grove Curriculum page, to learn more about how these values are threaded through our Teaching and Learning.