Maths at Comber Grove

In line with the National Curriculum, the study of Mathematics at Comber Grove Primary school focuses on the development of our children’s mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Underpinning our work at school is the value of Mathematics as a vital part of our lives beyond the classroom. Skills development is an important part of our approach to Maths from the Foundation Stage upwards.  Children at Comber Grove are provided with a range of practical resources to help them work out answers and results. In our accommodation of the different ways children process new areas of learning and conceptual understanding we aim to foster independent learners who are confident using a variety of methods when calculating. We deliver the subject in mixed ability settings with a focus on fluency of mathematical skills such as calculating and basic number understanding (number bonds – the ways to make 10, 20 , 100 etc; times tables knowledge and associated facts).   Contextualised learning is the general approach to Maths in both Key Stage 1 & 2 and this ensures that our children are engaged and can make connections with everyday scenarios that require a Mathematical perspective; with this we aim to cement the importance of developing their Maths skills.

We have adopted a progressive mentality to Maths and believe that children should build consistently on their knowledge and skills. As a result there is a common thread to how Maths is taught from Nursery to Year 6.  We aim to use consistent approaches, strategies, vocabulary and methodology in practical, representative and then more common abstract ways.  We aim for all children at Comber Grove to believe in their own mathematical ability, respond positively to challenge and be flexible in their approach to the subject.