RE at Comber Grove

At Comber Grove Primary school we think it is important that our children learn about the six main religions. We follow the Southwark Education Religious Syllabus. The agreed syllabus requires that schools ‘reflect that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christians, whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions presented in Great Britain’ (The Education Act 1996). In addition, the agreed syllabus expects schools as a minimum to provide opportunities for pupils to be taught about Christianity; at least one other principal religion; a religious community with a significant local presence and where appropriate a secular world view.

We teach Religious education in a creative way following the Southwark RE syllabus. RE is taught through a ‘Big Question’ in each year group and underpins the curriculum. We promote the ‘Big Question’ in RE and encourage staff and children to collaborate with each other in a philosophical enquiry, to grow in understanding, not only of the material world, but also of the personal and ethical world around them. Furthermore, through asking the ‘Big Question’ it enables the children to explore their own values and to share these thoughts with their peers. The children learn negotiation and tolerance and become articulate, confident individuals through active discussion.


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